Seminar Series on Equal Opportunities

“We probably became too many…" Harassment in academia, 15 years later. Lessons learned or still the same?

by Dr Häyrén Anneli (Uppsala University)



Anneli Häyrén, PhD in Business Administration/Organization theory and gender
Anneli Häyrén has, during the past 20 years, been working with and studied sexual- and gender harassment in academic environment. In her doctoral thesis she focused on definitions of harassment, both theory- and experience driven and in relation to the Swedish law. During the seminar she will present the most significant results of the thesis placed in a contemporary day-to-day context. Are there any changes since early 2000? Do we still have victims of harassment at UU and what is the difference between sexual and gender harassment?
Anneli Häyrén has been active at the Centre for gender research for 17 years but have now moved on to Gävle university and Stockholm university with a research focus on gender equality and management accounting in Swedish governments.
Organized by

Karin Schönning and Petra Jönsson on behalf of the Equal Opportunities group at IFA.