Nuclear and Particle Physics

HEP NP FREIA Seminar | Hints of the X17 boson at the LHC

by Yaşar Hiçyılmaz (Balikesir University, Turkey)

101146 (Ångström)




In 2015, the Atomki collaboration announced an anomaly in the decay of excited states of beryllium. This anomaly pointed to the existence of a new neutral particle with mass of order 17 MeV, called X17 boson. A light neutral Z boson (often dubbed a ‘dark photon’ or Z'), with such mass , provides a natural explanation not only for Atomki anomaly, but also current measurements of the Anomalous Magnetic Moments (AMMs) of electron and muon. This talk presents about the possible signatures of such Z' boson at the LHC Run III.