Student workshop on modern physics: Photonics and Extreme Light

TBD (Faculty of Physics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv)


Faculty of Physics of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Akademika Hlushkova Avenue 4, Kyiv
Alexey Nikitin (NanoGune, Spain), Vitaliy Goryashko (Uppsala University)


We invite bachelor, master and PhD students to participate in a mini-workshop on frontiers of photonics and sources of extreme light. The workshop embraces three activities: (i) oral talks from senior specialists in photonics and light generation, (ii) students' posters and elevator speeches; and (iii)  a round-table discussion on research career development from the student perspective. An example of the previous workshop can be found here

All participants will have an opportunity to present their research work during the poster session. For that, please submit an abstract (see Registration & Abstract Submission). Interesting presentations on all topics of physics are welcome. English is a preferable language though Ukrainian and Russian are also acceptable.  Note that the abstract and presentation are not compulsory, and you can join as a listener.

All participants are invited to give a 5-minute elevator speech, which implies an explantion of your research work in the plain language. Four strong presentations will be rewarded with small presents.

Important changes: you are welcome to present one slide during your elevator speach. This slide can be the same as your poster.


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Hosting organizations:

 Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv




  V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics
  NAS of Ukraine, Kiev





  Participation is free of charge. Lunch,
  shacks and coffee are provided.

Workshop Photos
  • Alexey Nikitin
  • Anastasiia Tomchuk
  • Andrii Lopatynskyi
  • Andrii Pocherpailo
  • Andrii Polishchuk
  • Andriy Yampolskiy
  • Anton Maydanov
  • Artem Podshebiakin
  • Denys Pustovyi
  • Hanna Demchenko
  • Heorhii Korovin
  • Illia Pruskyi
  • Illja Hudzenko
  • Luis Martin-Moreno
  • Nataliia Haiduk
  • Oleksiy Kolezhuk
  • Olha Landar
  • Peter Demydov
  • Roman Zhelesnyak
  • Sergey Toonik
  • Serhii Derenko
  • Valeri Lozovski
  • Vitaliy Goryashko
  • Volodymyr Chegel
  • Yevhen Kovalevskyi