Use Single SignOn (SSO) to login with your home institute's login service and credentials.


Sep 18, 2017

Login with your home institute account ID (single sign-on)

With the Single Sign-on (SSO) service you can use your home institute's account ID and login service to connect to the Uppsala University Indico server. This avoids the work and time to open a local account (response time might vary).

Example to Login with Single Sign-on

To login, click on the red "login" button in the top-left corner.
You will then see the following page


Click on the blue box with the text "SINGLE SIGNON".

You will be redirected to the web site.
It can happen that an error page like the following will appear.
If so, click again on the red "Login" button in the top-left corner to repeat the process. The second time there is normally no error message. The reason for this hick-up is not known yet.


Now a page like the following should appear.
The exact appearance might differ depending upon previous use of this service.
If you have not used the service before, it would look like the image below. Otherwise it should remember the previous login service(s) you have used.


To find your institute, you may type a search text in the window. The search operation starts as soon as you start typing. Therefore it might be slow to react to your typing.

Note that Swedish institutes are listed first.


Now select and click on the box with the name of your home institute. You will then be re-directed to the login service of your home institute.

You can also choose the blue box "show me more choices" to get a list of all available login service providers.