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Nov 4, 2022

Indico upgraded to version 3.2

Indico has been upgraded to version 3.2.


For a summary of new features, see the following Indico news entry: Indico 3.2


Major new features:

  • The registration form frontend has been completely rewritten using modern web technology.
  • Registrations can now have a retention period for the whole registration and individual fields, after which their data is permanently deleted.
  • The participant list of an event can now use consent to determine whether a participant should be displayed, and its visibility can be different for the general public and other registered participants.
  • An event can now have one or more privacy notices and it's possible to set the name and contact information of the "Data controller" (useful where GDPR or similar legislation applies).


  • Upgraded the Zoom plugin.
  • Added new Bank transfer payment plugin.