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Nuclear and Particle Physics

Nucleon in 1-D, 3-D, 5-D,...

by Barbara Badelek (University of Warsaw)

Å12167 ()


Abstract: One dimensional or momentum structure of the nucleon has great successes but has its failures too: there are several effects, persistent at high energies which cannot be understood in the collinear approximation of the QCD. Besides there obviously exist more nucleon dimensions to explore than just the longitudinal momentum of its constituents, partons. New concepts appeared already several years ago but only now they evolved into a rich and wide research area, both experimental and theoretical. The present goal is to measure and understand the 5-dimensional nucleon structure (Wigner distributions) and its connections with the form factors, structure functions, generalised parton distributions, transverse-momentum dependent distributions, etc. A flavour of this fascinating and complicated field will be given at the seminar.
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