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Nuclear and Particle Physics

Studying tt̄H and tt̄W in multiℓepton events

by Dr Tamara Vazquez Schroeder (CERN)

Beurlingrummet (Ångström)




One of the important tests of the SM is the measurement of
the top quark Yukawa coupling, directly measured via the associated
production process pp→tt̄H. Both ATLAS and CMS have performed
searches of tt̄H targeting the most relevant Higgs decays modes in
final states with high lepton multiplicity, high b-jet multiplicity, or
containing two photons at √s=13 TeV. In this talk, the latest results on
the search for the tt̄H process in the multilepton final state with the
ATLAS experiment will be discussed, together with a detailed study of
one of the main background processes, tt̄W, and an outlook of these
measurements with higher statistics.

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