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December 9, 2022
Europe/Stockholm timezone

"Hahaha - Feminist Perspectives on Teaching and Learning" by lecturer Maria Berge, Umeå University.

The aim with this workshop session is to explore, discuss, and deconstruct jokes and humour in science and science education together. The goal is to collectively reflect on both positive and negative aspects of humour and how humour can work as including element for some participants in the room, and excluding for others. I will focus on power aspect of humour – who is laughing and who is not? Who has power in the context of the joke and who has not?

"Gender Perspectves on STEM - always there, sometimes forgotten" by professor Tomas Brage, Lund University.

I will reflect on and give an overview of what the gender dimension has to do with STEM research, in its knowledge production and teaching. I will argue why it should not be neglected, and try to analyze what effects a consideration of gender aspects will have on the quality of STEM research. I will often use the most "resistant" areas of physics and other math-intensive fields as examples - do forgive me for being a bit biased. The aim is to end with a collection of thoughts and suggestions from the audience on "what can we do".

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