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March 15, 2023
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Welcome to the BASE workshop on industrial battery R&D! This online workshop will be held on Zoom on March 15th 09:00 to 12:00. The companies that will present are: AB Volvo, ABB, Altris, COMSOL, Graphmatech, Insplorion, Northvolt, Percy Roc, Quintus, Stena Recycling, Talga and Volvo Cars. 

  • The challenge for battery electric commercial vehicle  and ongoing     research activity with in AB  Volvo
    • Istaq Ahmed, AB Volvo
  • Battery applications and research topics within ABB
    • Anna M. Andersson, ABB
  • Next generation sodium-ion batteries
    • Kristina von Fieandt, Altris
  • Battery Modeling Using COMSOL Multiphysics
    • Henrik Ekström, COMSOL
  • Graphene enhancement of battery materials
    • Erika Widenkvist Zetterström, Graphmatech 
  • Fiber optic sensors for operando monitoring of battery materials
    • Elin Langhammer, Insplorion
  • Northvolt Revolt: batteries made from batteries
    • Nathália Vieceli, Northvolt
  • Adaptive Control of Microwave Power for Sintering High-Entropy Alloys
    • Suraj Murali, Percy Roc
  • The Use of Isostatic Pressing in Research and Development of Scalable   Production Technology for All Solid State Batteries
    • Timo Rabe, Quintus 
  • A new battery recycling plant at Stena
    • Björn Hall, Stena Recycling R&D
  • Development of Swedish natural graphite anode for Lithium Ion Batteries
    • Binglin Tao, Talga
  • VCC – Industrial research for BASE
    • Annika Ahlberg Tidblad, Volvo Cars

Zoom link will be sent out with the confirmation email and the day before the event.