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21 February 2018
Ångström Laboratory
Europe/Stockholm timezone



The workshop will be held at the Angstrom laboratory, which is located at the Polacksbacken campus of Uppsala University.

How to find Polacksbacken and Angstrom.

Bus ride from the Central Station to Ångstöm Laboratory (Bus stop Polacksbacken): You take bus nr 4 from bus stop B4.

Tickets can be bought on the bus with an ordinary Credit Card. One way ticket costs 37 SEK on the bus.

You can also buy a ticket or a prepaid bus card at the Railway Station. With a prepaid card you get a discount on single journeys, it is transferable and can be used to pay for several people. One way ticket for one zone costs 23 SEK.

Uppsala - the university city

Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city with a population of 200 000 inhabitants. Unique cultural treasures and an exciting history are to be found in the city of knowledge and inspiration. Uppsala has retained its small-town charm while offering a big city’s selection of shops, restaurants and other entertainment.

Uppsala has many historical attractions. Among the most famous are:

Uppsala Cathedral - The largest cathedral in Scandinavia
The Botanical Garden - One of Sweden’s eldest botanical gardens
Museum Gustavianum - A unique anatomical theatre built in the 1600’s
The Linnaeus Garden - A botanical garden with Carl Linnaeus' professorial residence
• Uppsala Castle -  A castle from the mid-1500's

However, Uppsala is not only known for its traditions. Today Uppsala is a dynamic industrial and commercial city where knowledge, ideas and entrepreneurship are at the center. The city’s geographical location with only 30 minutes to Stockholm-Arlanda international airport and 40 minutes to Stockholm has made Uppsala an attractive place for meetings.

For information on how to reach Uppsala, please visit the Travel page on this website.


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