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21 February 2018
Ångström Laboratory
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Participant List

62 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Adrian Szeliga IFJ PAN
Akira Yamamoto KEK and CERN
Ambra Gresele Ettore Zanon SpA
Andre Henriques CERN
Andrea Ceracchi CECOM
Andrea Liedl INFN -LNF
Angeles Faus-Golfe LAL-CNRS
Anthony Gleeson STFC
Antonio Pellecchia ASG Superconductors
Arik Willner DESY
Catherine MADEC CEA
Colin Carlile Freia Laboratory, Uppsala University
David Alesini LNF-INFN
Donna Pittaway STFC
Eric ercolani CEA
eric giguet ALSYOM
Ernesto Gutiérrez Uppsala University
Francesco Broggi INFN-LASA
Françoise Rondeaux CEA-Saclay
Frederic BOUTIN 40-30 SAS
Giovanni Bisoffi INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro
Hans Weise DESY
Hermann Dürr Uppsala University
jean luc lancelot Sigmaphi
Jean-Luc Biarrotte CNRS/IN2P3
Jean-Marc Poncet CEA
Johan Holmberg VR
Karol Kasprzak IFJ PAN
Margaretha Andersson Uppsala university
Marie-Aude Maynard CEA - Saclay
Mats Orup RFR Solutions AB
maurizio vretenar cern
Mauro Morandin INFN - PD
Michael Gehring Bilfinger Noell GmbH
Michael Peiniger RI Research Instruments GmbH
Miguel Pretelli OCEM Power Electronics
Mikael Lindholm ScandiNova Systems AB
Mikael Vieweg Scanditronix Magnet AB
Natasa Pahlm Vinnova
Olivier Napoly CEA
Pasquale Fabbricatore INFN Sezione di Genova
Patricia Howland Teledyne e2v Ltd
Patricia Postigo European Commission
Peter McIntosh STFC Daresbury Laboratory
Pierre Vedrine CEA Paris Saclay
Rafael Iturbe ANTEC MAGNETS,S.L.
Riko Wichmann DESY
Roger Ruber Uppsala University
Roser Vallcorba CEA Saclay
Serge Sierra Thales
Steffen Grohmann Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Sylvie Leray CEA/Irfu
Tadeusz Lesiak Inst. of Nucl Phys (IFJ) PAN
Terence Garvey PSI
Toms Torims CERN
Tord Ekelof Uppsala University
Umberto Gambardella INFN-Sezione di Napoli
walid Kaabi LAL-IN2P3-CNRS
Ziad Melhem Oxford Instruments NanoScience
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