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21 February 2018
Ångström Laboratory
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 62

downname institution position city country/region
ALESINI, David LNF-INFN   Frascati (Rome) Italy
Dr. ANDERSSON, Margaretha Uppsala university Senior adviser Uppsala Sweden
Dr. BIARROTTE, Jean-Luc CNRS/IN2P3   Paris France
Dr. BISOFFI, Giovanni INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro Accelerator Division Head Padova Italy
Mr. BOUTIN, Frederic 40-30 SAS Manager Grenoble France
BROGGI, Francesco INFN-LASA   Milano Italy
Dr. CARLILE, Colin Freia Laboratory, Uppsala University Guest Scientist Uppsala Sweden
Dr. CERACCHI, Andrea CECOM   Guidonia Montecelio Italy
Prof. DÜRR, Hermann Uppsala University   Uppsala Sweden
Prof. EKELOF, Tord Uppsala University Head of FREIA Division Uppsala Sweden
Mr. ERCOLANI, Eric CEA Engineer Grenoble France
Dr. FABBRICATORE, Pasquale INFN Sezione di Genova Senior Scientist Genova Italy
Dr. FAUS-GOLFE, Angeles LAL-CNRS   Orsay France
Dr. FOUAIDY, Mohammed IPN Orsay-IN2P3-CNRS Engineer Orsay France
Dr. GAMBARDELLA, Umberto INFN-Sezione di Napoli   Fisciano Italy
Mr. GARCIA, Angel ELYTT ENERGY Sales Manager Madrid Spain
Dr. GARVEY, Terence PSI   Villigen Switzerland
Mr. GEHRING, Michael Bilfinger Noell GmbH Head of Sales Department Wuerzburg Germany
Mr. GIGUET, eric ALSYOM Head of sales & Business Development Versailles France
Mr. GLEESON, Anthony STFC   Warrington United Kingdom
Dr. GRESELE, Ambra Ettore Zanon SpA   Schio Italy
Prof. GROHMANN, Steffen Karlsruhe Institute of Technology   Karlsruhe Germany
Mr. GUTIÉRREZ, Ernesto Uppsala University   Uppsala Sweden
HENRIQUES, Andre CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Mr. HOLMBERG, Johan VR   Stockholm Sweden
Mrs. HOWLAND, Patricia Teledyne e2v Ltd Market Manager Chelmsford United Kingdom
Mr. ITURBE, Rafael ANTEC MAGNETS,S.L.   Portugalete Spain
Dr. KAABI, walid LAL-IN2P3-CNRS   Orsay France
KASPRZAK, Karol IFJ PAN   Kraków Poland
Mr. LANCELOT, jean luc Sigmaphi president vannes France
Dr. LERAY, Sylvie CEA/Irfu   Saclay France
Prof. LESIAK, Tadeusz Inst. of Nucl Phys (IFJ) PAN Scientific Director IFJPAN Kraków Poland
LIEDL, Andrea INFN -LNF   Frascati Italy
Mr. LINDHOLM, Mikael ScandiNova Systems AB Founder, Vice President Enköping Sweden
Dr. MADEC, Catherine CEA   Saclay France
Dr. MAYNARD, Marie-Aude CEA - Saclay   Saclay France
MCINTOSH, Peter STFC Daresbury Laboratory   Warrington United Kingdom
Dr. MELHEM, Ziad Oxford Instruments NanoScience Alliances Manager Abingdon United Kingdom
MORANDIN, Mauro INFN - PD   Padova Italy
Dr. NAPOLY, Olivier CEA   Gif-sur-Yvette France
Mr. ORUP, Mats RFR Solutions AB MD Landskrona Sweden
PAHLM, Natasa Vinnova Industrial Liaison Officer Sweden Stockholm Sweden
Dr. PEINIGER, Michael RI Research Instruments GmbH Managing Director Bergisch Gladbach, 51429 Germany
Mr. PELLECCHIA, Antonio ASG Superconductors Sales Manager Genova Italy
Dr. PITTAWAY, Donna STFC Business Development Manager Daresbury United Kingdom
Mr. PONCET, Jean-Marc CEA Engineer Grenoble France
Ms. POSTIGO, Patricia European Commission Project Officer Brussels Belgium
Dr. PRETELLI, Miguel OCEM Power Electronics Business Development Manager valsamoggia Italy
Dr. RONDEAUX, Françoise CEA-Saclay   Gif/Yvette France
RUBER, Roger Uppsala University   Uppsala Sweden
Mr. SIERRA, Serge Thales   Velizy Villacoublay France
Mr. SZELIGA, Adrian IFJ PAN   Krakow Poland
Prof. TORIMS, Toms CERN   Geneva Switzerland
Dr. VALLCORBA, Roser CEA Saclay   Gif sur Yvette France
Mr. VEDRINE, Pierre CEA Paris Saclay   Gif sur Yvette France
Mr. VIEWEG, Mikael Scanditronix Magnet AB CEO Vislanda Sweden
VRETENAR, maurizio cern   geneva Switzerland
Dr. WEISE, Hans DESY   Ham Germany
Dr. WICHMANN, Riko DESY   Hamburg Germany
Dr. WILLNER, Arik DESY CTO - Chief Technology Officer Hamburg Germany
Dr. YAMAMOTO, Akira KEK and CERN   Geneve Switzerland