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Nuclear and Particle Physics

Studying proton-rich nuclei in the mass 100 region

by Ebba Ahlgren Cederlöf (Uppsala University)


PhD start Seminar,


In this project, one important but challenging objective is to search for decay events of the nuclide 113Ba, whose decay mode is still unknown. Due to its lack of neutrons, it is very difficult to create and detect the nucleus. However, the search for this needle in the haystack is motivated by the theoretically interesting region in which the nucleus sits, just above the doubly magic N=Z nucleus 100Sn. Mapping nuclear properties, such as decay mode and excited states, in this area is an important task to provide data by which theoretical models can be tested. But the study of excited states of nuclei far from stability calls for an efficient way of selecting gamma transitions. The Recoil Decay Tagging (RDT) technique provides such a method to create very clean spectra. In this presentation the method of RDT as well as an overview of the unique experimental setup at JYFL accelerator laboratory will be presented. To demonstrate the benefit of the technique we replicate previous reported results for 113Cs using RDT.