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Nuclear and Particle Physics

An Uppsala - Sweden Moon Shot Collaboration?

by Martin Sahlén (Uppsala University)

10238, Beurlingrummet, Ångström

10238, Beurlingrummet, Ångström

Both ESA and NASA are aiming for lunar science payloads within the coming decade. Recently published European and American science strategy evaluations also highlight the unique potential of lunar-based astronomy for cosmology, astrophysics and high-energy physics. Sweden and Uppsala have the potential to make key technical contributions to a future lunar mission. The strategic position of Uppsala University can be leveraged to form a broad space-centered collaboration with high societal impact, that could also pave the way for Swedish technical and scientific participation in a coming lunar mission - and now is a timely window of opportunity. I will give a brief and broad outline of lunar mission roadmaps, possible science cases, technological challenges, and the ongoing effort to form an Uppsala-based collaboration network with key players.