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21–22 Oct 2024
Humanistiska Teatern, Engelska Parken. Uppsala
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Partikeldagarna is the annual meeting of the Particle- and Astroparticle Physics section of the Swedish Physical Society (Svenska Fysikersamfundet). 

The aim of the meeting is to have a status report and a professional discussion on current particle and astroparticle physics research in Sweden. Please follow the menu on the left for further information.

Note that participation in Partikeldagarna is restricted to members of the Swedish Physical Society (master students are exempted from this restriction). Further information on membership can be found here.

Organizing committee:

C. Pérez de los Heros (UU, chair), S. Choubey (KTH), G. Ferretti (CTH), C. Finley (SU), R. González Suárez (UU),  D. Silvermyr (LU), M. Sjödahl (LU), J. Sjölin (SU)

Secretariat: A. Gallén, A. Pontén (UU)

Humanistiska Teatern, Engelska Parken. Uppsala
Thunbergsvägen 3C
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  • Carlos Pérez de los Heros
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