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18-19 November 2013
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Uppsala University
Europe/Stockholm timezone

Participant List

43 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alexander van der Meer Radboud University
Anastasia Lunkova Uppsala Univerity
Anatoliy Opanasenko NSC KIPT
Anders Hedqvist Stockholm University
Anders Rydberg Uppsala University, Dept. of Engineering Sciences
Andrea Palaia Uppsala University
Anke-Susanne Mueller Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Ansgar Simonsson Stockholm University
Atoosa Meseck HZB
Björn Gålnander The Svedberg Laboratory
Carlito Jr Ponseca Division of Chemical Physics, Lund University
Christoph Hauri PSI/EPFL
Dragos Dancila Uppsala University
Eugenia mazzaferro Uppsala university
Fredrik Hellberg Stockholm University
Fredrik Nikolajeff Dept of Engineering Sciences
Gergana Angelova Hamberg Uppsala University
Jing Liu Uppsala universitet
Joseph Nordgren Dept of physics and astronomy
Keith Nelson Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lei Zhang Department of Chemistry, Ångstrom lab
Maja Olvegård Uppsala universitet
Marek Jacewicz Uppsala University
Marvin Seibert Uppsala Universitet
Mathias Hamberg Uppsala University
Maths Karlsson Chalmers University of Technology
Mats Larsson Department of Physics, Stockholm University
Melanie Mucke Uppsala University
Michael Gensch HZDR
Peter Salén Stockholm University
Peter Uhd Jepsen Technical University of Denmark
Raimund Feifel Department of Physics and Astronomy
Riaan Stuart Coetzee KTH - Laser Physics
Roger Ruber Uppsala University
Ruslan Chulkou Institute of Physics, National Academy of Science of Belarus
Stefan Kaiser Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter
Vasyl Yatsyna University of Gothenburg
Vitali Zhaunerchyk Uppsala University
Vitaliy Goryashko Uppsala University
Volker Ziemann Uppsala University
Wim J van der Zande FELIX Facility Nijmegen, Radboud University
Yuri Saveliev STFC, ASTeC, Daresbury Lab.
Örjan Skeppstedt Stockholm University
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