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1-3 June 2020
Jagiellonian Center of Innovation Sp. z o.o. (LTD)
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Scientific Programme

Precision Tests of the Standard Model [PrecisionSM (STRONG2020)]
Precision experiments at low energy, often called the Intensity Frontier of the Standard Model, entail measuring parameters of SM with high precision thereby constraining the contributions of yet unknown non-standard interactions and particles. While collider searches are best suited to look for heavy new particles, low-energy tests are sensitive to the full range of new physics. Some experimental programs that define the context of this proposal are: precise determination of the muon anomalous magnetic moment (g-2)μ; extraction of the CKM matrix element Vud from beta decay; the weak mixing angle from parity-violating electron scattering (PVES). The new physics reach of these tests of SM is directly related to their precision which consists of the proper accuracy of the experiment, and that of theoretical calculations of radiative corrections (RC). In all processes the precision requires accounting for the effects of the structure of hadrons in the kinematical regime where QCD is non-perturbative.

  • Strange and Charm Baryons


    Strange and charmed baryon polarization and CP tests. This track is a follow-up to the Workshop on form factor, polarization and CP violation in quantum-correlated hyperon-anti-hyperon production Fudan 6-8 July

    Program committee:
    Hai-Bo Li (chair)
    Tord Johansson (co-chair)
    Rinaldo Baldini
    Xiao-Gang He
    Stephen Olsen
    Piotr Salabura

  • Precision hadron physics


    Meeting of PrecisionSM network

    Program committee

    Eryk Czerwinski
    Henryk Czyz
    Achim Denig
    Shuang-Shi Fang
    Simona Giovannella
    Mikchail Gorshteyn
    Robert Kaminski
    Bastian Kubis
    Stefan Leupold
    Alberto Lusiani
    Pawel Moskal
    Stefan Mueller
    Piotr Salabura
    Susan Schadmand
    Graziano Venanzoni

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