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17-19 October 2018
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Uppsala universitet
Europe/Stockholm timezone
Detaljerat program och "uppladdade" presentationer nås via Timetable.

Travel information

How to reach the Ångström Laboratory from the Uppsala
travel center (central railway station) is found here.

From Uppsala Centralstation take bus 4 (at bus stop B4, direction Ultuna, Gottsunda). Leave the bus at stop Polacksbacken, which is just across the street from Ångströmlaboratoriet. Bus tickets can be purchased at ticket machines around the bus stops at Centralstation, via SMS or on board with credit/debit card (no cash purchase on board possible).
The price for single ticket is SEK 30 (SEK 37 if purchased on board).

To Uppsala from Arlanda airport:

Arlanda airport (code ARN) is about 30 km from Uppsala. The most convenient way to come to Uppsala is to take bus number 801 (bus stop number 13 at the exit of the terminal) or a train. The train leaves from SkyCity (between terminals 4 and 5).  

Bus 801 Arlanda airport->Uppsala central station: every half hour, at 11 and 41 minutes past the hour. This is from Terminal 5, the starting point. Add 2 minutes if you arrive to terminal 4, and 4 minutes for terminals 2 and 3. It takes 45 min and the last bus leaves 02:11 (timetable valid to 2018-12-08). The ticket costs 111 SEK and can be bought from the driver using credit card.

Train Arlanda airport->Uppsala central station: every half hour at 18 and 48 minutes past the hour. It takes 20 mins and  the last train leaves at 00:48  (timetable valid to 2018-12-08) . It costs 210 SEK and tickets are bought in the counter or in the vending machines in the lobby, before going down to the piers.
NOTE: Do not follow the Arlanda Express signs. These are for the express train to Stockholm only.


To Uppsala from other airports:

Some of the so-called low-cost air companies coming to Stockholm fly to the smaller regional airports of Skavsta or Västerås.
Note that these airports are not so close to Uppsala and they are not well connected, so getting to Uppsala can be costly and take a long time.