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Svenskt kärnfysikermöte 2018 med SFAIR-årsmöte

from Wednesday, 17 October 2018 (13:00) to Friday, 19 October 2018 (17:00)
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Uppsala universitet

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17 Oct 2018
18 Oct 2018
19 Oct 2018
Kärnfysikermöte -Dr Andreas Ekström (Chalmers University of Technology) (until 10:35) (Å80101)
09:00 Application of Multivariate Analysis to Gamma and Neutron Signatures from Spent Nuclear Fuel - Dr Li Caldeira Balkeståhl (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
09:20 Observation of spin polarization in $e^+e^-\to\Lambda\bar{\Lambda}$ at BESIII - Dr Cui Li (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
09:40 New ideas on EFT approach to nuclear system - Dr chiehjen yang (chalmers university)   (Å80101)
10:00 The MARA separator at JYFL - current status and studies in the vicinity of the N = Z line - Ulrika Forsberg (L)   (Å80101)
10:20 Status of HESR at FAIR - Dr Dieter Prasuhn (FZ Juelich)   (Å80101)
10:35 --- Kaffe ---
Kärnfysikermöte -Prof. Dirk Rudolph (Lunds universitet) (until 12:30) (Å80101)
10:50 SFAIR Status - Prof. Dirk Rudolph (Lunds universitet)   (Å80101)
11:05 Super-FRS @ FAIR - Status and Planning \\ (2018-2025) - Dr Haik Simon (GSI Darmstadt)   (Å80101)
11:35 VR-RFI - Dr Niklas Ottosson (Vetenskapsrådet)   (Å80101)
11:55 Status of the HITRAP facility at FAIR - Andreas Solders (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
12:15 Single event upset rate predictions for the PANDA EMC - Mr Markus Preston (Stockholms Universitet)   (Å80101)
Kärnfysikermöte - Agnes Agnerud (RaySearch Laboratories) (until 10:30) (Häggsalen Å10132)
09:00 State-of-the-art and physics research opportunities in ion beam therapy - Prof. Katia Parodi (Ludwig Maximilians-Universitär Muenchen)   (Häggsalen Å10132)
09:45 Understanding strong exotic matter: a lattice perspective - Prof. Sinéad Ryan (Trinity College Dublin)   (Häggsalen Å10132)
10:30 --- Kaffe ---
Kärnfysikermöte -Prof. Per-Erik Tegnér (Stockholm University) (until 12:30) (Häggsalen Å10132)
10:50 The PANDA@HADES physics program for SIS 18 - Dr Jacek Biernat (Uppsala University)   (Häggsalen Å10132)
11:10 Isomeric yield ratios in fission for odd mass $^{119-125}$Cd and $^{119-127}$In isotopes with the Phase-Imaging Ion-Cyclotron-Resonance technique - Mr Vasileios Rakopoulos (Uppsala University)   (Häggsalen Å10132)
11:30 From sticky analysis to fast VME shadows - Dr Håkan Johansson (Chalmers)   (Häggsalen Å10132)
11:50 NUSTAR Data Acquisition: Realizing Signal Exchange Points - Dr Andreas Heinz (Chalmers University of Technology)   (Häggsalen Å10132)
12:10 Overview of eta/eta' Physics - Viktor Thorén (Uppsala University)   (Häggsalen Å10132)
Kärnfysikermöte -Dr Karin Schoenning (Dept. of physics and astronomy, Uppsala university) (until 15:00) (Å80101)
13:00 Welcome - Dr Karin Schoenning (Dept. of physics and astronomy, Uppsala university)   (Å80101)
13:05 A mass-measurement of 137-Cs in biological samples - Dr Mattias Lantz (Department of physics and astronomy, Uppsala university)   (Å80101)
13:25 Constraining P and CP violation in the main decay of the neutral Sigma hyperon - Elisabetta Perotti (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
13:45 Isotope-production cross sections of proton- and deuteron-induced reactions on long-lived fission products Zr-93 - Mr Keita Nakano (Kyushu University)   (Å80101)
14:05 Neutron Scattering Instruments and Detectors at the ESS - Dr Anton Khaplanov (European Spallation Source ERIC)   (Å80101)
14:25 Spin Observables Measurement in pbarp -> Lambdabar Lambda Reaction with PANDA - Mr Walter Ikegami Andersson (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
14:45 The Lund Accelerator Facility: Past Present and Future – From IBA to Neutron Physics - Dr Robert Frost (Lunds universitet)   (Å80101)
15:00 --- Kaffe ---
Kärnfysikermöte -Dr Andreas Heinz (Chalmers University of Technology) (until 18:30) (Å80101)
15:25 Hadron Physics: Puzzles and related Experiments - Prof. Ulrich Wiedner (Ruhr Universität Bochum)   (Å80101)
16:10 Recent Advances in Electron Spectroscopy - Dr Daniel Cox (Lunds universitet)   (Å80101)
16:30 Toward Flerovium Spectroscopy with Lundium - Anton Såmark-Roth (L)   (Å80101)
16:50 Optical potentials and knockout reactions from Green functions treatment - Dr Andrea Idini (Lund University)   (Å80101)
17:25 Characterization and development of Parallel Plate Avalanche Counters for ion detection - Dr Diego Tarrío (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
17:45 Annual meeting of SFS-KF - Dr Karin Schoenning (Dept. of physics and astronomy, Uppsala university)   (Å80101)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Kärnfysikermöte -Dr Mattias Lantz (Uppsala University) (until 15:30) (Å80101)
13:30 Will thorium save the world? - Dr Klara Insulander-Björk (Chalmers)   (Å80101)
14:15 Simulation study of the pbar p -> Sigmabar Lambda channel at PANDA - Gabriela Pérez (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
14:35 Quantitative determination of fluorine at LIBAF - De La Rosa Nathaly (Lund University)   (Å80101)
14:55 Studies of electromagnetic meson decays with the Crystal Ball-TAPS detector. - Dr Patrik Adlarson (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
15:15 Microscopic description of energy partition in fission - Mr Martin Albertsson (Lund university)   (Å80101)
15:30 --- Kaffe ---
Kärnfysikermöte - Stefan Leupold (Uppsala University) (until 17:50) (Å80101)
15:50 Overview and status of the muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab - David Hertzog (Department of Physics University of Washington)   (Å80101)
16:35 Decay Spectroscopy behind JYFLTRAP - Mr Christian Lorenz (Department of Physics, Lund University, S-22100 Lund, Sweden)   (Å80101)
16:55 Radiative and weak decays of decuplet baryons - Mr Måns Holmberg (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
17:15 Status update of CALIFA and preparations for R3B experiments at GSI/FAIR - Dr Joochun Park (Lunds universitet)   (Å80101)
17:35 The proton structure: Interplay between partonic and hadronic degrees of freedom - Hazhar Ghaderi (Uppsala University)   (Å80101)
18:30 --- Middag ---
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Symposium - Stefan Leupold (Uppsala University) (until 17:30) (Siegbahnsalen Å10101)